Getting Started

Let’s get you started for your confetti moment!

1. Should I buy for everyone?

This depends entirely on your budget and is a personal choice.

Air-dried hydrangea

Start with your photographer. If they plan to do a CONFETTI MOMENT with a countdown to confetti being thrown, then most of your guests would like to participate. Having a good understanding with your photographer is key to get the perfect confetti moment.  We advise that you supply enough for 80% your guests as not everyone will throw the confetti.

Some brides are buying their Bridal party (bridesmaids, flower girls, best men, maids of honour, parents, etc) each 2 of our Confetti Wands (our set of 20). This gives them one for throwing after the ceremony and one for the bridal party photos. Lots of playing with our confetti during the private photos with the photographer adds a nice touch to your memories. To calculate the number of boxes you require, use our petal calculator below.

Confetti Wands and Confetti Pouches

For a more personalised option, brides are buying a mixture of Confetti Pouches, Confetti Boxes and Confetti Wands and then having some bubbles in the confetti mix too. This means each guest has their own confetti bundle.

Ultimately, it’s up to you and hope that you find the right confetti bundle. Call us if you need some more info.

2. Decor Options

Key pointers you need to consider:

  • For table decorations, we recommend 1 x aisle bag for 2 tables (seating 8-10 guests per table)
  • For aisles and pathways:
    • 1 x aisle bag per square meter for a moderate coverage
    • 2 x aisle bag per square meter for a heavy coverage
    • half a aisle bag per linear meter for lining the side of the aisle (light covering)
    • 1 x aisle bag per linear meter for lining the side of the aisle ( moderate covering)
  • For circles in which to stand or to display on a dance floor:
    • 3 square meter (a 2 meter straight line from the center to end) = 4 to 5 aisle bags
    • 7 square meter (a 3 meter straight line from the center to end) = 8 to 9 aisle bags

To calculate your decor options, see our aisle bag calculator below.

3. Which petals should I buy

Premium dried rose petals

Our rose petals are our premium range. These petals are dried in a way that preserves the freshness of the petal. They last up to 3 months look as fresh as the day they were dried. You can setup your event the day before and your petals will look as good as fresh. The petal colours vary and are seasonal.

Our hydrangea range is air-dried and have a dried look to them. They are dyed with a secret ingredient that ensures that colour is dryfast and does not run. These petals last up to 6 months. These petals are great for a confetti photo that has lots of petals fluttering on it. They are light and falls nice and slowly for a great effect on pictures.

4. When should I order?

Get your confetti sorted as soon as possible, it is the most forgotten item, yet it creates the most memorable photos for your wedding celebration. We accept orders a year in advance. We do need at least 4 weeks prior to your wedding date to hand make and ship in time. Any time closer and we are then at the mercy of the courier over which we have no control.

5. Which confetti should we buy?

For aisles, we recommend our aisle petals. These have lots of imperfections and rough edges. Click here to order our Aisle Bag

For tables we recommend our premium rose petals. These are look like fresh petals, but have been dried and can last up to 3 months. For loose petals, see our petal box option. Click here to choose and order.

For flower girl baskets, we have 2 options, the petal box rose petals or the petal box air dried hydrangea petals. Click here to choose and order.

For a special touch and to ensure each guest have enough confetti, we recommend our individually packaged options. Click here to choose and order