Need Help Planning Your Confetti Moments?

Getting the perfect confetti moment is all about the confetti.

We believe that the best option for confetti is dried petal confetti as it gives you the fresh flower look whilst still enabling you to order in advance. You get to tick confetti off list without worrying if the confetti will be fresh. Our air dried petals last up to 12 months, but our pre-order service allows you to order your confetti and we ensure it is delivered fresh, in time for your wedding day. About 3 weeks prior to your day.

 We also offer options for you to personalise your confetti packaging so that you can add that extra special touch to your day. Choose your petals, the packaging and the text to match your wedding details. We have helped over 160 brides feel extra special during their confetti moment since 2017 with great reviews and wonderful memories.

Let us help you plan parts of your special day. To get you started, we created a confetti calculator to help you figure out how much confetti you need.