Boho Rose Bud Speciality Botanical Box


Our Boho Rose Bud Botanical box has 8 sachets of the very popular rose buds, about 10g in each sachet. This tea quality rose bud is great for a luxury bath experience, gin garnish and soap making. Let your can let your creativity wonder with these fine petals.

  • Each box is filled 8 sachets (about 10g) of rose buds.
  • Our herbs and petals are tea quality and safe for drinking (except of course the eucalyptus which is great for baths!).  Note that in a bath or tea, our herbs will turn the water yellow.
  • Please allow 5-10 days for delivery


Please NOTE this is tea quality rose buds, non dyed so colours will be naturally rustic, may fade and have slight variations & blemishes. We think this makes it even more unique, beautiful & natural