Petal Box – Surprise Mix Premium Dried – Medium Quality Petal


A box of rose petals with a surprise colour mix of rose petals with enough for 16 guests. Pre-mixed by our supplier, sometimes bright, sometimes pastel, always beautiful. The medium quality petal are taken from the outer and inner parts of the flowers, with some cracks and blemished on them.

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These long lasting petals are perfect to order in advance, setup your event before the time and have crisp fresh looking petals on the day of your wedding.

  • Each box ready to serve with enough for 16 guests, 1 handful per person
  • Box dimensions: 240x160x100mm
  • Premium dried petals last up to 3 months if stored correctly
  • Order up to a year in advance and we will deliver within 4 weeks of your chosen date
  • Our petal confetti is 100% biodegradable
Confetti Notes
  • Our confetti petals may contain some slightly imperfect petals or some cracks. As our petals are an all natural product there can be variations in colour. Colour may also vary based on your computer monitor.
  • While our confetti is dye free, please keep the confetti away from moisture as this may cause staining, this applies to rose petals, hydrangea petals, our boho range and tissue confetti although the packaging claims it will not stain, if subjected to moisture all natural confetti may stain. Fortunately, we have had no reports of staining.

Note: due to the bespoke nature and made-to-order nature of these pieces, we have a no returns policy