How must confetti do I need for tables and aisles?

  • For table decorations, we recommend 1 x aisle bag for 2 tables (seating 8-10 guests per table)
  • For aisles and pathways:
    • 1 x aisle bag per square meter for a moderate coverage
    • 2 x aisle bag per square meter for a heavy coverage
    • half a aisle bag per linear meter for lining the side of the aisle (light covering)
    • 1 x aisle bag per linear meter for lining the side of the aisle ( moderate covering)
  • For circles in which to stand or to display on a dance floor:
    • 3 square meter (a 2 meter straight line from the center to end) = 4 to 5 aisle bags
    • 7 square meter (a 3 meter straight line from the center to end) = 8 to 9 aisle bags

Example: moderately cover the sides of a pathway of 5 metres in length, the total pathway edges would be 10 metres because the petals would be sprinkled on both edges of the pathway, therefore 10 bags of petals would be needed.

Can I request a mixture of petals?

Classic petal range:

We are able to mix petal colours for all orders of 40 items and above. You can choose to have a set of 20 in one colour and another in a different colour. Or you can choose to mix it altogether and all 40+ will have a petal mixture.

Boho Flower and Herb range

We are able to create a special petal mix for all orders of 20 items and above in our boho range. Choose from our naturally dried flower petals (rose and delphinium) and our herb flower petals (cornflowers, calendular, lavender, yarrow, jasmine buds) and we will quote the petal mix for you.

Contact us more info about petal colour mixing.


Why do some of your petals have some imperfections?

The quality of petal used for confetti is a good quality one with some natural imperfection or a crack. While every effort is made to protect the petals during shipping, this does also play a factor, both from our suppliers to us and en route to you. The petals are 100% natural and add to the beauty of the confetti bundle.


How long does the confetti petals last?

Our luxury dried petals can last up to 3 months if correctly stored. Preferably order your confetti bundles about 6 weeks prior to ensure you get the freshest looking petals that will be look great on the day.

Do you use fresh petals?

We use luxury dried petals that look as good as fresh petals but can last as long as 3 months. We do not offer a fresh petals option.

How should I store my confetti?

  • When your petals arrive there isn’t much you have to do with it, except store it in a dark cupboard until your big day
  • Do NOT put them in the freezer – it will spoil.
  • Keep it in the packaging in the box, out of direct sunlight, at room temperature and away from damp
  • Follow these rules and your confetti will be great on the day!